Your Alloy Wheels Perfected

Car-On-Site Service

At Perfect Rims we want our customers to have the easiest process when it comes to getting your alloy wheels refurbished or repaired. We offer you the option to book your car in to be left on our secure site whilst your wheels go through the refurbishment process.

Once you bring your car to us, we will be happy to drop you to the nearest bus stop or tube station. You can book in an initial consultation with one of our team and they will go through the process and a choice of colours with you, to help find the exact colour you want for your car.

Courtesy Wheels Service

To keep you moving Perfect Rims offer a courtesy wheels’ service. This is available depending on the availability of a set or individual wheel for your make and model of car. If you are interested in this service please contact one of our team today.

Alloy Wheel Courier Service

For customers who are not able to make it to us we offer a courier service. Due to the cost of post and packaging this service will be charged at a premium, depending on your location. Please contact our team for more information on how we can assist you to courier your wheels to us to be repaired or refurbished.

Tyres Supply and Fitting Service

We at Perfect Rims want to make sure our customers are safe on the road. As well as fixing your alloy wheels, we also provide tyres for our customers. If we feel the tyres on your car are not safe, we will let you know. Tyres are the only thing that connects your car to the road, so an essential component to keep well maintained.

Perfect Rims would check your tyres for low tread depth, damaged walls, signs of bumps, bulges or cuts which make any tyre unsafe. We recommend our customers check their tyres for all these defects regularly at least once a month.

We offer new or part worn tyres. Our part worn tyres all comply with the BS standards. We also make sure once tyres are fitted back to your wheel; they are the correct PSI for your vehicle.

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