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Alloy Wheel Repair

We at Perfect Rims offer a full range of repair services to our customers, these include:
  • Kerbed and scuffed wheels. This type of damage is more on the surface of the wheel rather than the structure. We can make your wheel back to new by welding, filling, polishing or using our lathe to machine the surface.
  • Corroded wheels. Through wear and tear wheels do become corroded. If your wheels have this issue, our team of experts can strip all corrosion areas by using chemical stripping. Then we would sandblast them to take them back to bare alloy. Although there are limits to what we can do. We will try our best to get the wheels right for you.
  • Pothole Damage. Due to the condition of the roads in the UK we are seeing a number of wheels with pothole damage. We are on hand to make sure your wheels are repaired most of the time and safe to put back on your vehicle.
  • Straightening Wheels. We are also able to straighten wheels that have experienced damage.
  • Welding wheels. Perfect Rims have experience welders who can weld surface damage or cracked rims.
  • Whether your wheel is buckled, bent or cracked Perfect Rims have the tools to make your wheel look like new.

Alloy Wheel Welding Service

Due to the growing number of Pot holes, we are finding a lot of wheels are being cracked, they are also being damaged on the wheel face. We are able to fix alloy wheel cracks by welding them to make them safe again.

The parts of the wheels that can be welded are cracks, chunks missing from the wheel and splits. It is possible that some wheels require more that one area to be welded and also that some wheels maybe beyond repair. Our technicians are fully trained to advise you on the best course of action for your wheels. Check our pricing for welding your wheels on our price list page.

Wheel Straightening Service

Perfect Rims offer a wheel straightening service to customers who have a buckled or bent wheel. If the wheel is not completely circular you may experience a vibration or shaking from your steering wheel when driving along. It is not only annoying having this problem with your car but more importantly your car maybe unsafe for the road.

Wheels that have lost their shape could also be structurally unsafe. This may also affect the condition and safety of other components on your vehicle. When wheels are very badly damaged tyres will lose air.

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